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Name:Ryan Hardy
Location:New York, United States of America
Born: 1966
Former profession: FBI agent / author (true crime genre, "Poetry of a Killer") / FBI Consultant / Teacher (criminology) / Vigilante (unofficially worked with the FBI off the books)
Current profession: FBI agent
Parents: deceased
Sister: Jenny (Hardy) Orton
Brother: Ray Hardy (deceased)
Other family: Max Hardy (niece)
Friends: Mike Weston, Tyson Hernandez, Jeffrey Clarke, Anna Clarke, Gwen
Sexuality: Bisexual; tends to be attracted to women with medium to long curly or wavy blonde hair; relationship with Mike Weston (though he's terrified this will get Mike killed and has been trying to push him away); prior relationship (and current unhealthy obsession) with Joe Carroll.
Medical: Alcoholic (currently not drinking), has had a pacemaker since Joe stabbed him in the heart in 2003.
Other: Ryan is a lot darker than he wants Max or Mike to know - he knew Joe hadn't died in the fire at the boat house and after drowning his sorrows over his failure to save Debra Parker and the death of Claire Matthews by spending a few months in an alcoholic, self-destructive haze, he pulled himself back together and changed his entire life. The problem is, he changed his entire life for Joe and he seems to be heading down a dangerous path. The darkness has always been there (he hunted down and forced (at gunpoint) his father's killer to overdose at the age of 17, and deep down believes that he will never atone for that act), but it's getting a lot closer to the surface these days.

This is an RP/muse journal. I am not really Ryan Hardy and I don't play him on TV.

Interests (16):

carrollism, criminology, emma hill, fbi, i know you're still out there, joe carroll, keeping max in one piece, keeping mike in one piece, law enforcement, max hardy, mike weston, nypd, teaching, tracking joe carroll, tracking joe's cult, writing
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